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Lightning speed sharing!

SharePal - Lightning speed sharing.

Websites, networks, IBANs, addresses, entry codes, etc. : are you sharing the same information over and over again? SharePal is designed to boost your organization.

With its uncluttered, colorful and intuitive interface, SharePal is designed to make it easy to organize and share all your data: URL links, important or frequently shared information, but also messages you want to be able to send quickly.

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The best way to add information

SharePal is designed for intuitiveness and simplicity. You can add information by quickly typing it in from the main interface, by pasting it from your pasteboard, intuitively and elegantly by “drag and drop”, simply dragging it to your SharePal shortcut.

Sort your information intuitively

SharePal offers you a wide range of icons and colors, each carefully selected! To simplify access to the right data when you need it, you can create categories to categorize your information: Websites, blog posts, customers, home, and any other categories you find useful.

Share your information with simplicity and elegance

Because we think you’ve got a lot to share, SharePal is entirely designed to simplify the sharing of all your information by making it accessible in all circumstances. Share them quickly from within the application, or at lightning speed by simply dragging and dropping them from your SharePal shortcut in iMessage or your personalized keyboard, available in all your applications! You can also opt for elegant sharing with your contacts and place your phone on theirs and share your information by air drop.

All features

  • Create information by quickly typing it in, or pasting it from the pasteboard.
  • Add information by simply dragging and dropping it to the SharePal shortcut.
  • Organize your data by creating custom categories or dragging and dropping for quick retrieval.
  • Add new information received in SharePal from iMessage with drag and drop, or from the clipboard.
  • Share your information from within the application or directly from iMessage or the custom keyboard.
  • Personalize your information: colors and icons.
  • Easily protect and/or hide your most sensitive information.
  • Synchronize your information with iCloud and secure it forever.

Future features

  • Creation of a personalized contact form to quickly share all related data.
  • Integration of a rapid translation system to adapt each piece of information to its recipient.
  • Creation of widgets to keep your contact sheet at hand, as well as any information you want to keep close at hand.


  • iOS/iPadOS 16 and +
  • visionOS
  • English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese


SharePal is a prepaid app: pay once and boost your organization for life, directly from the App Store.

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Standard price$4.995.99€£4.99

Writing an article for SharePal?

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Our ethics: security and inclusivity

SharePal’s mission is to make your daily life easier by offering you an efficient sharing tool, but we don’t neglect confidentiality and take the security of your data very seriously! CloudKit storage guarantees total confidentiality and security for all your data. So only the contacts you share your information with will have access to it. Inclusivity is also at the heart of our values: compatible with Apple accessibility technologies such as VoiceOver, we guarantee the availability of the application for everyone.

The SharePal story

The idea of creating SharePal was born of an almost daily observation, and it’s likely that you share it too: we regularly need to share the same information over and over again! Whether it’s our address, building or office entrance codes, bank details, the URL of a website or even my networks or the code for that padlock in the cellar, and so on. And that also includes the message I send to let her know that “I’ll be home soon, I’m on line 1, I love you.” Or even that business message I often type verbatim when sending my contact sheet: “Hi, nice to have met you at this event. Looking forward to chatting again. Thomas.” On the way to my ski vacation (I was probably afraid of getting bored…), I started coding SharePal, a lightning-share solution tailored to these needs; it lets me regularly share my information by simply touching it from iMessage.

As you can see, SharePal is the ideal companion for the overworked ambitious!

About Illumineering

We’re a small, passionate and dedicated team of two French creative minds. Much more than just a duo: we’re a couple who share a common vision in application development, from conception to realization.

Thomas, a back-end architect for nearly 6 years with a company, develops applications in his spare time, and it’s his energy that propels our ideas towards concrete realizations.

Cécile, formerly a nurse, has undertaken a reconversion to devote herself 100% to Illumineering and the development of mobile applications, putting her creative spirit at the service of our users’ experience.

It all began during the Covid-19 pandemic, when we brought our first app to life: Padlok - Digicode Manager. Padlok simplifies the lives of city dwellers and delivery professionals, by enabling them to instantly receive access codes as soon as they arrive at the address, via a simple notification.

Our mission: to improve people’s daily lives, one application at a time.

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